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FEBRUARY 14 2021

Spreading the love

Spreading the love on Valentine's day with a tiple or two!!

We spent the lead up to valentine's day making decorations, sharing stories of those we love and making biscuits, although the one in the picture was made by our amazing chef.

Did you know valentine's day origins trace as far back as the 6th century B.C. Started by Christians as an effort to replace the pagan fertility festival Lupercalia. 

Also, every year Verona, Italy receives thousands of love letters addressed to Juliet. Letters re answered by the volunteers of the Juliet Club. The most touching letter is awarded "Cara Giulietta"prize. 


Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Remember, Remember the 5th of November, The gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason ,should ever be forgot!

The words we all know so well! The poem written to remind us of the plot to blow up the house of lords in 1605. 

We wont remember the events of the day leading to our yearly celebrations, but we will have the memories of our own celebrations. A bonfire, festival, family gathering and of course the bang, wizz, pop of a firework or two. 

As usual we had a small fireworks display in both our homes, which is always popular with residents and staff, sadly this year no visitors. 

There is many a tall tail that comes with yearly events such as this. The feelings, sounds, smells invoke memories as we reminisce of times gone by.

Some stories from this year, a memory of a father baking potatoes in the bonfire, some ended a little black. A dog that was really frightened of the loud bangs, they would sit and cuddle to feel safe. The muddy boots in the kitchen from the husband who set of the fireworks. Even the big fireworks display a family member was involved with organising. 

This years memory for us will be the bright colours of the fireworks through the safety of the window shared with friends and a cup of coco. 

JULY 27 2020


Downs House staff surprised their manager Amanda with a big thank you today. 

The team at Downs House organised the surprise for all her support during the pandemic. She was showered with gifts of chocolate, wine, flowers, homemade cakes and other goodies.

Amanda said she didn't feel she alone deserved a thank you as it has been a team effort and everyone had done a brilliant job.

DECEMBER 17 2018

Elf Day 2018

We teamed up with the Alzheimer's Society for this year's Elf Day campaign. We included this as part of our homes annual Christmas party. Our parties are always extremely popular with residents, families and staff alike. The Alzheimer's Society named December the 7th as Elf day, however ours was on 17th December. Families were welcomed to join us for the day to enjoy some Christmas fun with a Jack and the Bean stalk Panto and some delicious home cooked food. Our staff join in the festivities dressing as Elf's or in Christmas attire. 

We raised £255.20 for the Alzheimer's Society, to find out more about Elf day and how the money could be used click here

This year we even had some of Santa's little helpers join us for 25 days. Elf on the shelf was present at South Downs Care, we also heard about all the mischief  his friends had been causing around Petersfield. They were swinging on the decorations at Stroud House and sliding down the banister at Downs House! Take a look at our Elf on the Shelf photos on our Facebook page here


OCTOBER 5 2018

Bloomin brilliant

Our green fingered gardening club have done it again! After a successful entry in to the Petersfield Town Council competition earlier this year, they didn't think they could top their success. In the earlier competition they combined their wealth of knowledge to create some stunning flower beds and hanging baskets. The judges of the Petersfield in Bloom competition were impressed with the array of flowers and the display of vibrant colours. They awarded Downs House 1st prize in the category for Petersfield Care Home / Nursing Home. Our team of gardeners planned, planted and maintained the flower beds and baskets throughout the summer. Some beds even included some delicious fruits and vegetables, which were harvested and delivered to the kitchen. 

With the bug for gardening growing in interest and the taste for a victory our competitive group wanted more. They continued their success after entering the commemorative category, which took place yesterday at The Festival Hall. They had to decide between making a commemorative flower display for woman's suffrage or WW1. After much discussion they decided upon Woman's Suffrage. 

The competition itself, introduced more activities to our already large and varied list. The activities involved many residents, not just the members of the gardening club. Activities included meetings to discuss ideas and decide on design, what materials were to be used and to make some rough plans to achieve the desired look. The group chose to have two female heads to represent two ladies who had a significant influence in the Woman's Suffrage movement, the founder Emmeline Pankhurst and executive member Christabel Pankhurst. The heads would be wearing hats decorated in flowers in the colours that represented Suffragettes, purple, white and green. They didn't stop there! We had some old news articles from the period that we used to research the Suffragettes, the group included some of the text from the old news articles to cover the heads. The day before the competition our gardening club set upon creating the most amazing, beautiful flower display. The display was outstanding, and the group were again recognised for their efforts as they won the well-deserved 1st prize. Which some of them were delighted to collect in person last night at the awards ceremony.


The competition has given us the opportunity to work with organisations in our community and created several meaningful activities for people in our care. We have really enjoyed taking part and are already looking forward to next year.  


Finally a huge thank you to Petersfield Town Council for a blommin brilliant competition and a lovely evening. 


Fruits of our labour

Our Petersfield in Bloom award winning gardening club at Downs House pulled their carrots out today. They were delighted with how well they had grown. 

JULY 16 2018

Winners of Petersfield in Bloom

Congratulations Downs House Gardening Club 

JUNE 13 2018

Grow your Own

Thats what we are doing - our gardening club are growing all sorts Potatoes, Strawberries, Runner Beans and Herbs to name a few. This is our first little green tomato. 

JUNE 6 2018

Petersfield Heath

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the Heath Pond 

JUNE 1 2018

Slithers & Wriggles

Slithers & Wriggles popped in with some friends and not the fury kind!

MAY 23 2018

A breath taking view at the Spinnaker Tower

MAY 19 2018

Celebrating the Royal Wedding in Style!

We had a lovely day celebrating the Royal Wedding. The ceremony was wonderful, the homes were at a stand still, everyone glued to the screen as the happy couple took their vowles. Residents & staff celebrated wearing home made fascinators & holding flags, this was followed by a delightful lunch  and a traditinal cream tea.



MAY 14 2018

There's something in the water!

There's something in the water at Downs House! Today we say goodbye to another member of our amazing care team. The lovely Amy is the third carer to take a break this year to become a Mummy. We celabrated her last day with some goodies and a vist from our friends at Pony Pals


MAY 8 2018

Today's Dessert yum!

Freshly made by our wounderful Chef Lawrence. 

APRIL 2 2018


Today we said goodbye to Ellie one of lovely night staff, shes not leaving us just taking some time to have a baby. 


APRIL 1 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from everyone at South Downs Care 

MARCH 19 2018

We are having a crafty time!

Take a look at what we have been upto 



MARCH 9 2018


Today we said goodbye to Josie one of our lovely carers. Shes not leaving us just taking a break to have a baby. Josie is an amazing carer and she is going to be an amazing Mum.  

FEBRUARY 28 2018

Alpaca's Visit

Dunreyth Alpacas vist South Downs Care 




The sound of drums was echoing throughout Downs House today during an African Drumming lesson with Kim. 

JANUARY 15 2018

Basket Ball

Shooting some hoops with a game of Innie Outie 

DECEMBER 25 2017

Santa Claus Came to Town


Happy Halloween

OCTOBER 27 2017


We were lucky enough to have a pro with us this Halloween.

Christine worked as a make-up artist for a dramatic society, helping the actors and actresses mutate into character with a  bit of imagination and a flick of her brush. 

Christine explained with great enthusiasm how she really enjoyed this part of her life. One show she was particularly fond of was "CATS". 

On hearing this our manager Amanda jumped at the chance to be transformed. 

The transformation took place in the lounge where many residents and staff witnessed Amanda take the form of a feline. 

The atmosphere was magical as Christine got to work with the creams and powders of her trade. 

Residents and staff looked on with anticipation and they were not disappointed with the result. 

OCTOBER 6 2017

Summer Party Puppet Show

After a delicious lunch we were delighted to welcome Carousel Theatre Productions back to our homes today. They put on a very funny puppet show which was enjoyed by all.  



Summer BBQ

" What a terrific party you all laid on for the residents and their families today. It was a really happy event and great to see everyone enjoying themselves. The food was excellent and so was the very professional entertainment enjoyed by every generation!"

" I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed Saturdays summer party. It was lovely to be able to sit out on the new patio in the sun, eating a delicious barbeque lunch with a glass of wine- it felt like a very happy and relaxed occasion."


AUGUST 11 2017

Donkey Love

Donkey Cuddles will always brighten the day and bring a smile.  

JULY 26 2017

Dementia friendly Petersfield

We are delighted to be a part of Dementia friendly Petersfield. Dementia Friends is building the knowledge of our community to help support people living with Dementia. The Alzheimer's Society is spreading 5 key messages -

1- Dementia is not a natural part of aging.

2-Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain.

3- Dementia is not just about losing your memory-it can affect thinking, communication and doing everyday tasks. 

4- It's possible to live well with Dementia.

5- There's more to a person than the dementia. 

click here to find out more about Dementia Friendly Petersfiled or for information, support and advice about Dementia call the National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122.

You can find local services at  


APRIL 5 2017

Stepping Stones Vist for Easter

Stepping Sones Nursery Vist

Stepping Stones Vist for Easter

Stepping Stones Visit for Easter

It was "Eggsellent" to see the children from Stepping Stones Nursery today. Robbie the Magician made us all laugh with his magic show and the residents helped the children on an Easter egg hunt.

FEBRUARY 14 2017

Valentines Day

Valentines Day 2017

Happy Valantines Day 

JANUARY 28 2017

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Cock-a-doodle-doo!2017 is the year of the Rooster. 

We celebrated this week with themed activites including arts and crafts ( see one of our dragons made by some of our residents), chiniese music and movment and readings of Chinese stories and legends to name a few. We finished the week with a Chinese dinner party.  

DECEMBER 30 2016

Charity Christmas Raffle

Well done to all the residents and staff, we raised £165 for Cancer Research UK with our Christmas raffle.  


Christmas Panto - oh no its not!

Dick whittington

Residents at Downs House had a fabulous afternoon recently enjoying a Christmas Panto. Partytime Productions delivered a delightful show of the traditional 'Dick Whittington' story. Much fun was had and everyone said what a lovely time they'd enjoyed. The event has really kicked off the festive season for us all, roll on the next panto afternoon next week which will be 'Let it Snow', again by Partytime Productions. Ho Ho Ho!

MAY 19 2016

Building the future - construction at Downs House

Building the future

The last year has been an exciting one that has largely been focussed on the planning and construction of the new wing at Downs House. This is a fantastic addition to the main house and has been a wonderful opportunity to improve the excellent facilities we already offer to our residents. The building has been designed with our residents needs at the forefront of our minds, ensuring that we continue to offer the highest possible standard of care and maintaining compliance with the Quality Care Commission (CQC).

The new facilities, which are due for completion in Summer 2016, include:

  • 12 new bedrooms, over two floors, all with ensuite wetrooms. Many of the ground floor rooms open out on to new patio areas.
  • A beautiful new dining room and coffee shop for residents and guests to enjoy.
  • New commercial grade kitchen and office administration space.
  • An inspiring new terrace and woodland walk. The garden has been designed to be fully accessible to all residents including wheelchair users, including raised, accessible flower beds to encourage them to take part in outdoor activities.

The biggest challenge has been to carry out the building work with minimal disruption to our residents and we hope that we have managed to achieve this as much as possible. 

We are planning on holding a garden party to celebrate and officially open the new wing, we are hopeful that we may also have a local celebrity come along to do the honours too so watch this space!

APRIL 29 2016

Digital dynamism!

South Downs Care New Responsive Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website.

At South Downs Care we are continually striving to ensure that we provide the most up to date and best possible service and care for our residents and their families. This commitment to ongoing improvement drives our planned long term programme of development which, to date, has been rolled out across many areas of our operation including the development of our new website and the construction of the new wing at Downs House.

The new expanded website has been designed to be as accessible, easy to use, attractive and informative as possible for all users. The site includes more information about our homes, our ethos and what we offer and we have endeavoured to offer answers to as many questions as we can.

However, we always value feedback so if you have any comment about the site or would like to see additional information added, perhaps in the form of extra FAQs please do let us know. You can contact us using the contact form on the website or by emailing us here.

We very much hope you like the site and enjoy using it, happy surfing!

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